Catching Your Bait

Without bait, most fishing expeditions are stopped in their tracks. This article will go into detail about how you find some commonly used baits. You can choose to spend a fortune buying bait, but why waste the cash when you don’t have to? We will look at finding grasshoppers, earthworms, nightcrawlers, and crayfish. After this article, I hope you won’t feel the need to spend a penny on bait in the future.

It might be easy to buy yourself a bag of bait from your local store but catching baits can yield much better results

It might be easy to buy yourself a bag of bait from your local store but catching baits can yield much better results

Bait is the key to a good fishing trip. Ok, I realize many things can be claimed to be the key, but without bait, you’re certainly highly unlikely to catch anything. The first thing you need to consider is what type of bait the fish you’re going for is inclined to go for. There’s no use trying to catch salmon with bait that is suited for trout? No. So, before you go fishing, and before you get your bait ready, you need to research what kind of bait works best for the fish you’re trying to catch. Here are some common types of bait you don’t have to spend a penny to get your hands on.

Grasshoppers are a great type of bait for many fish. Fortunately, they are also very easy to catch. In the spring and summer, you won’t have any trouble at all catching these suckers. The good thing is that many fish will jump (often quite literally) at the chance of consuming one. That means you’re getting a bait that is very popular with your target audience (the fish).

Catching grasshoppers is also extremely easy. All you have to do is get a blanket and a good friend. Now, you and your friend each hold one end of the blanket, and then you run through a field. The yield from this should be quite spectacular. It is essential that you use a wool blanket. The grasshoppers’ legs will stick to it, and you won’t risk them jumping away at the first chance.

Another popular bait is the crayfish. The best way to catch it is in a wire trap baited with chicken necks or bacon. Now, you’re probably asking why you wouldn’t have eaten the bacon yourself, or if it needs to be crisp. Those are fair questions, and I don’t blame you for asking them. This method works best if you don’t fry and eat the bacon. Both the chicken necks and the bacon should be raw.

Finally, there are earthworms and night crawlers. They like a damp ground. After a good shower, you should be able to pick earthworms right off the ground. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Bait is vital for your fishing trip. I probably wouldn’t’ go as far as to call it the most important thing, but you need it if you want a shot at catching one of those fish. A lot of people end up spending a lot of money on bait. There’s’ absolutely no reason to do that. Some of the best baits can be acquired freely with just a bit of effort.